Sensory Profiling

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The way your brain processes the information from your senses is individual to you. Find out what your sensory profile is; and how to use this knowledge to adapt your life to significantly decrease stress and improve productivity.

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Sensory profiling

About Sensory Profiling

Understand how you process sensory information and how this has far reaching effects. When you better understand your brain, you become more aware of your behaviour and why you do the things you do. For this place of wisdom, you start to observe the people around you differently too, and see how their specific sensory profile is affecting them and the way they interact with you. This can lead to greater cohesion, stability and productivity within teams, families and marriages.

Is It For Me?

Everyone Experiences The World Around Us In A Very Unique Way

Some people can’t work with clutter while others hardly notice the mess. Some of us love to have the radio on in the background while we study, when some of us can’t reverse a car if there is music playing. Why is that?

The way your brain filters and processes information from your senses is completely individual to you. For example, when considering our sense of vision – you may have a high tolerance in which case you will like busy places, bright colours and always keep the curtains open. Or perhaps you have a low tolerance for touch? Then you might find hugs from strangers difficult to stomach, and avoid queues so that you don’t get accidentally brushed by someone else. And tight clothing is a no no!

If you want your brain to perform at its very best, then an understanding of your unique sensory profile is essential. If you know your high and low thresholds, you can adapt your environment and the way you perform tasks so that you are better able to remain calm in stressful situations, and concentrate significantly better.

What Are The Benefits?

Having your sensory profile assessed takes about 30 minutes to complete and only requires that you answer some very straight-forward questions about yourself. Thereafter you will learn simple, easy to action, and inexpensive changes that you can make to address your specific needs. Assessment, explanation and practical guidance all together takes up to an hour.

Once you have had your profile defined and you fully understand it, you can start making simple adjustments in your life that will not only decrease the amount of stress you feel every moment of every day, but also improve your ability to focus. This way you can start to lead a more peaceful and productive life. Whether you are struggling with a specific relationship, studies or work, or just struggling to cope in general, addressing your sensory needs could change your life.

There is no one else quite like you. Your sensory profile makes you unique. By understanding yourself and your brain better you can optimise your potential and improve your quality of life.

‘We were talking about divorce, but now that we understand each other’s sensory profiles better our marriage is much stronger’ – Jan

‘It has been so long since I could wake up calm, and not in a panic’ – Caroline

‘I felt happy, a feeling I haven’t experienced in many years’ – Louis

‘You guys changed my life’ – Gemma

Megan is an industry expert with over 10 years of helping clients understand how they interpret the world through their senses.

She is well-respected as a sensory profiling specialist having assisted CEOs, performers and professionals develop, understand and manage their own profiles.

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