Want More for Your Child?

Do you feel your child is not living up to their full potential?

‘One of the most valuable things I’ve done in my life’. 

Tony Robbins, the famous entrepreneur, philanthropist and motivational speaker, describes his neurofeedback training experience.


Are your child’s studies becoming a stress for the whole family?

The Solution

Believe it or not, there are all-natural, easy, effective, scientifically proven solutions to aiding concentration and decreasing anxiety during test and exam time. This is possible, and we at Calm Focus can show you how.

Imagine your child improving their grades without adding to their, or your own, stress.

Picture them significantly improving their marks while becoming more confident and grounded.

Combining the latest researched techniques with ancient wisdom and practical interventions, Megan has assisted hundreds of clients in improving their concentration, motivation, self-worth, memory and other cognitive abilities while simultaneously decreasing their anxiety, procrastination and self-doubt.

One of the techniques we use is called Neurofeedback; you will also find many top athletes, including the players of Chelsea Football Club, using Neurofeedback to enhance their performance.

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For our brains to perform at their peak they require a specific balance of the brain waves. Neurofeedback therapy is the process of seeing your brain waves in real time on the screen in front of you, and learning different techniques to restore the balance, and therefore optimise the potential of your brain.

Helping Your Child to Excel

If you are concerned about your child’s performance at school or at university, or simply feel that they have more potential than they are currently tapping in to, then Neurofeedback can help them find calm focus, no matter how stressed they are.

We can help your child to access capacities of their mind that you wouldn’t believe were possible.

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