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If you feel that you have greater potential than your exam results would suggest, then neurofeedback is for you.

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Most of us look at our test results and think we can do better. If we just studied harder, or didn’t go blank during the test, or keep getting distracted by the guy who won’t stop clicking his pen, then we would be flying. Sometimes the test questions don’t seem to make sense, or Game of Thrones is just that bit more exciting than figuring out my maths homework.

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At Calm Focus we help you find many ways to get better grades; all of them natural and supported by research evidence, and most of them free.

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Neurofeedback is a technique where your brainwaves are measured and with the help of technology, you can see what you brain is doing in real time and learn how to exercise control over it. Generally, poor concentration and stress, the two main factors affecting studying and exam performance, are as a result of too much slow wave or fast wave activity in the brain.

“Here at Calm Focus, you would be able to see where your brain struggles in this regard, and then use techniques to either calm the brain or stimulate it more to reach that ‘sweet spot’ where you can function at your optimum.”


Quick and Effective

It says a great deal that in 2012, the American Academy of Paediatrics rated neurofeedback at level 1 for treatment of attention problems and described it as the best supporting therapy for ADHD. Doctors in Australia are often referring people who battle with concentration and impulsivity for neurofeedback before they will even consider medication such as Ritalin and Concerta. If neurofeedback is good enough for Olympians, Fortune500 CEO’s, AC Milan and Tony Robins, then there is definitely hope for your grades!

The core of our practice is to help you balance your brainwaves. Ever human brain has the ability to communicate better with itself and optimise its potential. And we can show you how.

Balance brainwaves to improve focus, memory and learning

So if you are looking for a natural solution to improving you marks, then we have what you need. Give Megan a call or send an email to set up a free consultation where she will give you easy tips to help with exam performance, as well as outline what to expect from neurofeedback.

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